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Sohailhabib Company was established in 2017. The company started from a small retailer in Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province under the leadership of Alhaj Eng.Abdulwahid who is an able and talented Director of this Company.DR Mohammad Nawab Rahmany, the vice president of Comopany played a remarkable role supporting the leadership to make it a well-Pharma company at country level. The evolution Of Sohailhabib Ai??company is a saga of hard work, dedication and commitment to serve the ailing humanity.This Company has always strived to import high quality medicines from well-Pharma companies at regional level such and be the sole agent in Afghanistan. Starting its work in March 2017 as a small medicine supply company, in 2017 the company boosted its business and strived to attract as many customers as possible due to the hard and untiring work of about 28 professional personnel who served in the company and timely addressed the need of customers.

Sohail Habib Midicen Company

Establish and maintain an effective organization for the achievement of our mission. To be responsible to employee needs and empower its employees to be productive contributors to our mission. Enhance and promote our image as the leader in the profession. Establish, promote and recognize standards of professional practice. Acquire, maintain and retain the best human and physical resources to ensure premium services.
Create a staff that is diverse, well trained, enthusiastic and team-oriented. Work in partnership with local entities to advance and grow in eastern Missouri. Develop effective communications and cooperative relationships with each other, our customers, our suppliers and other industry professionals.


The commitment and hard work of these professionals especially Cheap chloramphenicol structure Inayat ullah (general manager) indeed strengthened the linkage between the company and its customers in the entire

CHIEF Message

Human life and illnesses both are necessarily connected to each other. Ailing community of our country especially poor suffers much more in facing the diseases and there is a Prime need to


Sohailhabib Company. We welcome the tough jobs, the ones with critical completion schedules and multi-faceted requirements. We utilize leading-edge technology for estimating, planning and .

Values and Goals

Integrity – Maintain constant adherence to a strict moral and ethical code Professionalism – Conduct ourselves as dedicated professionals Accountability – Hold ourselves responsible for