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Human life and illnesses both are necessarily connected to each other. Ailing communityAi??of our country especially poor suffers much more in facing the diseases and there isAi??aAi??Prime need to facilitate this poor and downtrodden community with best qualityAi??Products at affordable prices.Ai??Ai??With a determination to work for the betterment of theAi??Poor patients and to provide the affordable quality medicines for the ailing communityAi??of our country, we established Sohailhabib Company a certified company atAi??special importer zone in Afghanistan Kabul.Ai??Ai??We always purchase our goods from ISO certified companies indentors registered withAi??the Ministry of health, an origin country.Ai??Sohailhabib Company is dedicated to Quality and Affordability withAi??a wealth of expertise in the importing field,Ai??Ai??We do our best to serve humanity in whateverAi??possible way we can and we always pray to Allah to bless us with courage and strengthAi??to enable us to adhere to our principles and to accomplish our mission.

Al Hajj Eng. Abdul Wahid Rahmany Colchicine price

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Sohailhabib Company (Pvt.) Ltd